Swimming Pool Management

SwimVantage offers the following swimming pool management services:
  • Complete turnkey pool management
  • Lifeguarding (by certified lifeguards)
  • Learn-to-swim programs
  • Pool chemical testing
  • Chemicals and supplies delivery
  • Pool vacuuming and cleaning
  • Mechanical testing and maintenance
  • Seasonal opening and closing
  • Diagnostics and repairs
Services provided by Certified Pool/Spa Operator.

  • "We use the pool nearly every day and always have and we can honestly say that the pool has never looked better, has never been run better and we have never felt safer than under Terry Trieu's management." -- Alex

  • "In the over 40 years that Jean and I have enjoyed the pool, its condition, including reliability and cleanliness has never been better. Thank you, Terry for a job well and truly done." -- Ron

  • "... the pool has been just perfect over the last two years when it has been managed by Terry Trieu. We go to the pool often since we live right across the street. It has been kept in pristine condition and the lifeguard presence has been exceptional." --Debra

  • "The area and the pool have never been as clean and as well maintained as they are under Terry's watch." -- John

  • "Regarding SwimVantage: We appreciate the watchfulness of the lifeguards and the maintenance of the pool under the current company." -- Marilyn
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