Triathlon Training

Swim / Bike / Run -- Which event is your weakest?

As you can tell from the rest of this website, swimming is a subject that Coach Terry knows a lot about.

In addition, to swimming, Coach Terry knows a lot about cycling, too. Triathlons use a very specific form of cycling. The time-trial (racing against the clock, not a mass start) which is exactly the type of cycling used in triathlons is Coach Terry's specialty.

Coach Terry was a competitive cyclist for nine years and licensed with the United States Cycling Federation. For the last three of those years Coach Terry rode with the Columbine Cycling Club where he had the opportunity to ride with and learn from some of the best riders in the sport of cycling like Alexi Grewal (1984 Olympic Champion and Tour de France participant), Todd Gogolski, and Michael Carter. Coach Terry was the club's time trial specialist while sponsored by and wearing the jerseys of Team Crest and Team Miller Lite.

Coach Terry was also a member of the Colorado Bicycle Advisory Board for four years, helping to establish a written document governing the rules of the road for cyclists.

Coach Terry has been involved with Denver's Tri for the Cure, a sprint triathlon held every year at Cherry Creek State Park.

Swim / Bike / Run -- Which event is your weakest?

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